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Photographer Membership

$ 200.00

In addition to all of the benefits of an Individual Membership below, Photographer Members are able to hold as many client appointments as they like through the year.

Photographer Memberships are valid January-January.*

  • Invitations to special members-only events
  • Free tour admission during regular hours
  • Discount admission to select special events
  • Grove Gazette, the quarterly newsletter and calendar
  • 10% discount in the museum store
  • Two free Guest Passes for tour admission
  • Two coupon passes for the Wednesday Lecture Series.

And the knowledge that you are supporting Historic Locust Grove, a National Historic Landmark and museum accredited by the American Alliance of Museums.


*Photographer memberships are not pro-rated. Please call ahead to be certain there are no other private or public events that would prohibit a portrait shoot, and must abide by all of the rules below.

Photography/Videography Policy


At Locust Grove, we welcome the opportunity to be a picture perfect backdrop or setting. Taking photos and video outdoors for personal non-profit use does not require a fee. For-profit commercial photography/videography and portrait photography require fees as outlined below.  The policy and fees below are necessary to ensure that there are no conflicts with ongoing rentals and events and that the site is preserved for future generations to enjoy.

Professional photography and videography at receptions, wedding ceremonies and other private events scheduled through Locust Grove are permitted at no additional fee.

Photography Fee

  1. Portrait Photography

Portrait photography taken by professional photographers consist of pictures utilizing Locust Grove as a background such as graduation, family, wedding, engagement, prom, senior or similar photos which are not part of a private event such as a wedding ceremony. Professional photographers are given the option to choose between the following:

  • An annual Locust Grove Photographer’s Membership Permit, which can be purchased at $200. The Photographer’s Membership Permit also includes the benefits of a Locust Grove Membership.


  • A $20 fee by the day.

Annual Photographer’s Membership Permit and Daily Permits may be purchased by contacting Jennifer Jansen at 502-897-9845 or . They may also be purchased at the visitor center during hours of operation.

  1. Commercial Photography / Video

Photography and video sold for commercial purposes and the use in movies, documentaries, television commercials, brochures, business cards, annual reports, advertising, retail products, websites, model portfolios, promotional projects, music videos or similar profit-making projects must be scheduled in advance and fees will be negotiated independent of the registration. Unless otherwise negotiated, Locust Grove will receive a site recognition in final products.

Coordination for all commercial photography is through Carol Ely, Executive Director, 502-897-9845 or .  Fees are based on the scope of the project.


Photography and Videography Guidelines

  • Advance notification and approval for commercial photography/videography is required to ensure there are no conflicts with scheduled activities.
  • Parking is allowed at designated parking areas only.
  • Photography is not permitted on the porch or near outbuilding doorways during hours of operation, 10 to 4:30.
  • Grounds, structures, walls, and buildings may not be damaged or altered. Do not attach anything to any site structures.
  • Furniture on the porch, house shutters and doors may not be adjusted or moved.
  • Plants may not be rearranged, cut, moved or handled in any way. Do not attach anything to trees or climb trees.
  • No balloons, confetti or glitter are permitted on the property.
  • Obey all signs on the site, and avoid disturbing areas marked off for new plantings, wet paint, archaeologic digs etc.
  • Obey all instructions from Locust Grove staff members
  • Animals must be leashed.
  • Regular site activities, including tours, programs, and rentals must not be interfered with.
  • The photographer/videographer is liable for all damages, expenses and loss.
  • Locust Grove reserves the right to limit access to certain areas.
  • No alcoholic beverages or smoking.
  • Professional photographers and videographers are required to carry their permit at all times.

Locust Grove is a museum and an irreplaceable National Historic Landmark site. People visit from around the world to enjoy and learn about 18th century Kentucky, and your presence should not disturb others’ appreciation or the setting you are using as the background for your own work.

III. Controlled Vehicle (Drone) Policy

The preservation of Locust Grove is our primary concern, but it is also a place for people to connect with nature and the spirit of the people of pioneer Kentucky. For these reasons, Locust Grove prohibits the use of all drones or remote controlled vehicles in the airspace above Locust Grove. Unauthorized use of drones within or above this private land may result in the immediate escort from the property, a potential ban from entry and/or other remedies allowed by law.   


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