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Post Jane Austen Festival VIRTUAL Festival Access

Post Jane Austen Festival VIRTUAL Festival Access

$ 18.00

Enjoy all the speakers for the Virtual Jane Austen Festival from July 12 - July 31! 

A full program can be found here:

Friday, July 9
5:30 pm The History and Interpretation of the Enslaved at Locust Grove

7:30 pm Chamber Music Concert: Music By Composers Born Into the Bonds of Slavery
Pre-recorded as part of the 2020-2021 Emilie Strong Smith Chamber Music Concert Series, this program features music by the following composers: Joseph Boulogne, Ignatius Sancho, Joseph Boulogne, and Gerasíme Derbanne.

*Virtual content on Friday, July 9 will be available to anyone who purchases any day of virtual Festival access.

Saturday, July 10

9:00 am Caroline McGinn Tour (pre-recorded) with concurrent live Q & A on Twitter
10:00 am Dr. Glynis Ridley Presentation (pre-recorded)
11:30 am Dr. Glynis Ridley Q & A (live)
1:00 pm Dr. Roxanne Eberle (live)
3:30 pm Dr. Danielle Christmas (live)

Sunday, July 11
10:00 am Dr. Gretchen Gerzina (live)
12:00 pm Dr. Candice Hern (live)
2:00 pm Dr. Alice Villaseñor Presentation (pre-recorded)
3:30 pm Dr. Alice Villaseñor Q & A (live)

*Virtual content will be available during and after the Festival only to those who purchased virtual Festival access. Those who purchased in-person Festival tickets only will need to purchase virtual tickets to access that content, either during the Festival or after the fact, until July 31.

Virtual workshops are not included. 

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